Family Defender Issue 19: Summer 2015

Special Anniversary Issue

Ten years of advocating justice for families: examining what it means to protect children by defending families.

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Reflections On A Decade Of Justice By Founding Board Members, page 3

Advocacy for Domestic Violence Victims in the Child Welfare System: A Ten-Year Retrospective, page 4

Center’s First Class Action Suit, Now 18 Years Old, Led to Many Basic Reforms, page 6

Center Brings Thirteen Federal Civil Rights Cases and Two State Court Class Actions in its Decade of Justice for Families, page 7

Noteworthy State Court Precedential Decisions, page 8

Discriminatory Decision Against Parents With Obese, Disabled 16 Year Old Son Ends With Long- Awaited Exoneration, page 9

DCFS Proposed Rules Would Limit Rights Of Child Caring Employees That Have Long Been Secured By Center, page 13

Family Defense Center Befriends Advocates for Justice Nationally, page 14

The Center’s Reports and Manuals Help Families and Advocates Seek Justice, page 15

Legislative Policy Reform And Rulemaking Advocacy Lead To Systemic Change, page 16