Legal Intake Process

Step 1: You Leave Us a Message and We Call You Back

Once you have left a voicemail for us at (312) 251-9800, we will call you back and ask you a few questions about your issue to make sure it is something we might be able to help with.

Step 2: You Fill Out Our Intake Forms and We Determine If You Qualify for a Fee Reduction or Waiver

If we determine that your legal issue falls within our services, we will provide you with intake forms to fill out and return to us in order to assess whether you qualify for free or reduced-fee legal services. Those forms include an Affidavit of Assets and Liabilities and The Family Support Affidavit and a Prospective Client Information Sheet and may be returned to our office via email, fax, or mail. If you would like to skip this step and have our staff fill the forms out with you over the phone, you may pay a $25 fee to do so.

Our legal fees are determined based on your income and the size of your family. Families whose incomes are below 150% of the federal poverty guidelines are eligible for free legal services, and other families may be eligible for partial fee reductions or for a referral by our staff to a pro bono attorney.

Step 3: We Conduct a Brief Interview About Your Case

Our intake attorney will contact you to conduct a brief 10-15 minute interview to get basic information about your case. Once this information is obtained, our staff will meet to determine whether we need additional details or whether we may further assist you with your case.

Step 4: We Contact You for a Longer Interview About Your Case and/or More Information

If our staff decides that we need more information, our intake staff will contact you again for a more detailed interview, which should take about 30-40 minutes. Based on the information obtained, our staff will conduct a careful assessment of your case and determine what resources we can offer you and/or whether we can represent you.

Please Note: We cannot respond to inquiries for legal help via email or social media. No attorney-client relationship is created by your contact with our offices unless and until you are notified by our staff that your case has been accepted for representation. Due to limited resources, we may not be able to offer you representation even if you qualify under our case guidelines.