National Reunification Day 2011

The Family Defense Center hosted a National Reunification Day celebration in Chicago on May 21st, 2011.  Diane Redleaf, the executive director of the Family Defense Center, spoke regarding the importance of Camreta v. Greene, the first child welfare case to be heard by the United States Supreme Court in 21 years.  Licensed Clinical Social Worker Nikki Lively presented on the effects of separation from siblings and family on children.  Attendees also heard the personal story of a former Family Defense Center client whose family was recently reunified.

Endorsed by the American Bar Association’s Children and the Law Center, National Reunification Day started in Iowa as a way to recognize the importance of family reunification after families are separated by child protection authorities. For many families, the achievement of reunification requires overcoming many personal as well as bureaucratic obstacles.  Families need to celebrate their own achievements as well has focus on helping others to heal. Click to view photos from the event.


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