Family Defender Issue 12: Winter 2012

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In this issue:

Center Wins Three Important Appellate Victories Advancing Family Rights!

Family Defense Briefs, page 2

Message from the Executive Director, page 18


Hernandez v. Foster: A Three-Pronged Victory, page 1

In Closely Watched Case, Appellate Court Declares ‘Environment Injurious’ Ground Invalid, page 3

Improper Termination of Parental Rights – And Why the Illinois Supreme Court Disapproves, page 5

The Hidden Harms of Recent Legislation Responses to the Penn State Scandal, page 10

Exceptions That Do Not Apply: Why DCFS Cannot Shirk on Causation, page 14

Parents’ Toolkit: What Can A Parent Do If DCFS Demands a Safety Plan?, page 15

Can You Believe This?, page 16