The Child Abuse Pediatrician (CAP) – Just Another Term for Medical “Cop”

On the Wrongful Convictions Blog, our work “Medical Ethics Concerns in Physical Child Abuse Investigations” is quoted on the topic of child abuse pediatricians and their role in child abuse investigations. The blog post can be found here:

The Child Abuse Pediatrician (CAP) – Just Another Term for Medical “Cop”

Family Defender Issue 15: Summer 2013

Click here to read issue #15 in PDF (Summer 2013)

Special Double Issue: Medically-Complex Cases in the Child Welfare System


In re Yohan K.: Parents of Infant with Rare Medical Conditions Known to Mimic Signs of Abuse Exonerated by the Appellate Court of Illinois after Two-Year-Long Battle, page 1

Family Defense Briefs, page 2

National Reunification Day Gives Families A Chance to Tell Stories, Plant Seeds for Change, page 3

Julie Q. Scores Huge Win for Illinois Families, page 4

Family Defense Center Paper to Address Medical Ethical Issues in Child Abuse Pediatrics, page 6

Release of Information: Consent or Coercion?, page 9

The Family Defense Center and the Innocence Movement: A Natural Collaboration, page 10

Hon. Nancy C. Dreher Fund Supports Medically-Complex Case Advocacy and Research, page 11

Illinois Higher Courts Disallow Medical Opinion Hearsay and Prior Notes of Persons Not Testifying, page 16

My Son Needed Treatment and I Needed Answers, But Instead We Got Accusations and Threats from the Doctors and Hospital I Had Trusted, page 17

Our Lives and Our Beliefs In The Justice System–And in the Medical Care System–Were Shattered by a False Allegation By a Child Abuse Pediatrician, Page 19

Prima Facie Case of “Failure to Thrive” Ends in Exoneration for Mother, page 21

Can You Believe This?, page 21

Message from the Executive Director, page 24

Former Clients’ Policy Advocacy Highlighted by Pekin Times

Former Clients’ Policy Advocacy Highlighted by Pekin Times

The Pekin Times published a follow-up piece about former Family Defense Center clients, Michelle and David Weidner, who are now advocating to address policy flaws in DCFS that forced them to go through a long and painful investigation based on an erroneous medical diagnosis.

Read the article on the Pekin Times website.

Family Defender Issue 8: Fall 2009

Click here to read issue #8 in PDF (Fall 2009)

In this issue: Father Vindicated By Circuit Court After 18-Month Ordeal

Why Child Welfare Is A Civil Rights Issue, page 1

Family Defense News Briefs, page 2

Message from the Executive Director: How to Measure Justice for Families, page 13


A Father’s Tale, page 3

Meet Professor Dorothy Roberts Part II page 9

Case Raises Troubling Issues of Gender-Bias and Improper State Intervention, page 6

Can You Believe This?, page 12