DCFS Notice Regarding Julie Q. v. DCFS – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have received a recent letter from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services referring to a recent decision from the Illinois Supreme Court named Julie Q. v. Ill. Dep’t of Children and Family Servs., this information is for you.   The letter (which we have explained here) was sent to notify you that your name has now been removed from the Illinois State Central Register because of the Illinois Supreme Court Decision that DCFS did not have the right to name you as a perpetrator of neglect due to an “environment injurious.” Julie Q. is a Family Defense Center case and we advise and represent many individuals who, like Julie Q., are wrongly accused of neglect. The information below provides general answers to Frequently Asked Questions that we have been asked by many people who have gotten these “Julie Q.” letters. The information provided in this FAQ is general information only and is not to be considered as legal advice in any individual case or legal matter.

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Family Defender Issue 13: Summer 2012

Click here to read issue #13 in PDF (Summer 2012)

Special Double Issue: Children’s and Families’ Mental Health Issues in the Child Welfare System:

In Re Rico L.: FDC Argues Important Children’s Mental Health Case That Nearly Went Unheard

Family Defense Briefs, page 2

Message from the Executive Director, page 18


Illinois Leaders Join FDC Celebration of National Reunification Day on June 2 –  and Congress Follows, page 3

Let’s Stop Taking Children with Severe Psychiatric Issues from Their Parents, page 4

Child Welfare System’s Unsupported Assumptions That Parents’ Mental Health Impairs Their Parenting and Causes Unnecessary Harm to Children, page 5

Join Us for Our Fourth Annual Benefit on September 23 from 4-7:30 p.m. at Hotel Allegro Honoring Karl Dennis, page 6

Parents File Federal Lawsuits to Fight for Custody and Mental Health Treatment for Their Children, page 8

Employing Res Judicata to Secure Expungement Orders in DCFS Appeals After No-Fault Findings in Juvenile Court, page 9

Katie A. Settlement Marks Victory in Fight for Foster Care Children in Need of Mental Health Treatment, page 10

Can You Believe This?, page 11

Family Defender Issue 11: Summer 2011

Click here to read issue #11 in PDF (Summer 2011)

In this issue: Family Defense Center Friend-of-the-Court Briefing Project in United States Supreme Court Yields “No News is Good News” Decision

Family Defense Briefs, page 2

Message from the Executive Director, page 12


Parents Should Be Entitled to Basic Right of Self-Defense, page 3

Rise Noted in DCFS Cases Involving Autistic Children, page 4

New Family Support Fund Estabilised at FDC in Memory of Pro Bono Attorney Chaitanya Maddali, page 5

Please Join Us September 25!, page 6

Second National Reunification Day Proves a Big Success, page 7

Can You Believe This?, page 8

Family Defender Issue 10: Fall 2010

Click here to read issue #10 in PDF (Fall 2010)

In this issue: United States Supreme Court to Decide on Child Protection Investigators’ Authority to Interrogate Children in Schools

End in Sight for 13-Year-Old Federal Case Concerning Rights of Individuals Who Work with Children, page 1

Family Defense Briefs, page 2

Message from the Executive Director, page 16


Family Vindicated After Medical and Legal Ordeal, page 3

Our Son Has Been Abused and Neglected by the System that Ignores His Mental Health Needs, page 6

Can You Believe This?, page 7

Meet Dr. Christopher Sullivan, 2010 Family Defender, Page 8

MPEEC Program Data Shows Innovent Families Are Being Harmed, page 12

Family Defender Issue 9: Spring 2010

Click here to read issue #9 in PDF (Spring 2010)

Features: The First National Reunification Day Celebration in Chicago on Jun 19 at UIC. Click here to register.

Barriers to Reunification, page 3

Also in this issue:

Family Defense Center Wins, page 1

Meet the Timmels, page 6

Feature Column: Can You Believe This? page 10

My Turn, page 8

Message from the Executive Director – Sometimes the Best…, page 12